Single Session Fee (1 Hour)     $505

Three Session Package          $1404

Monthly Subscription               $1111


In recent years, a lot of attention has been given to the practice and belief that “Thoughts Become Things” or “Where You Give Your Attention, Grows”. 

Then why haven’t you manifested your dreams in the best way possible? 

Through achieving mastery in many healing modalities, including ThetaHealing, Daniel has learned that if our conscious mind is the steering wheel, the subconscious mind and the emotions stemming from it are actually the motor that rule our destiny.

 90% of our reality we are living is a result of our subconscious mind.  Think about that. 

Do you pray for success, create vision boards for your dreams, spend thousands of dollars on business and empowerment retreats to “create the perfect life” but seem to be coming up short? 

 You’re not alone. 

If subconsciously we are holding beliefs of not being worthy of that reality, or that dream then that motor will never take off. We will spin our wheels in circles, burning rubber, frustrating ourselves even more, until we burn out and dis-ease is manifested in our body. 

Through a deep process of identifying these limited subconscious beliefs, intuitively Daniel will work with you to pull and replace them and co-create a subconscious reality that is in alignment with your highest desires. 

Each session with Daniel is an hour long, and at the conclusion you will receive a prescription specific for you to keep yourself aligned and on your way to being the best version of you possible


How Does It Get Any Better Than That?

   What Are You Thinking???
Co-Creating Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing with Master Healer, Daniel Tuttle