October 22, 1957 - 4:52pm

"BAIT, or Trapped By The Truth"  is a peek into the most pivotal eighteen minutes of Ms. Evelyn Montgomery's life. Her moment of truth.

A typical housewife for the era, Evelyn has lived her days for everyone else. She married the perfect husband, had the perfect baby, lives in the perfect house.

But her life has never been perfect. Until now.

We all tell lies and "For good reason" we commonly justify. But what we think may just be a "Little White" could really be a very dark shroud over your ultimate happiness.

"BAIT, or Trapped By The Truth"  is in PRE-PRODUCTION and will begin shooting August 25th in Bedford, New York!

August 5: We completed our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo! Our ultimate fundraising goal is set at $15,000. We raised nearly half! This is fantastic because it gives us JUST enough to actually shoot the film with! Once we finish shooting we can edit a trailer to show donors, sparking interest to complete the film!

Our original fundraising video for our Indiegogo Campaign With Daniel Bobby Tuttle, Creator & Natalie Gee, Producer

Bait, or Trapped by the Truth

Daniel explains the inspiration behind his script.

The Truth

Daniel gives a brief Synopsis of the film.

a short black comedy (with Style) by  Daniel Bobby Tuttle